Air Tan


Your skin type affects how often you need to tan. Dryer skin exfoliates faster, so moisturize often after your session to keep your tan alive.

  • Do not wear deodorant.
  • Do not exercise (avoid sweating).
  • Wax BEFORE air tan, not after.
  • Do not shower for 8 hours after Air Tan.

Feeling pale? Look Bronze for your next dinner party or Wedding event. The DHA, which is the Bronzing ingredient, works with each individual person’s sugars in your body. No harmful UV damage, just a healthy glow. Wait 8 hours to shower. Enjoy your glow. The next day you will cure even more, which will lend to a more true color that lasts up to 5 days.



Full Body – $40
Face – $10
Face, Neck, Chest – $15
Face, Neck, Chest, Arms – $20
Upper body (waist up) – $25
Legs – $20

*Tanning results depends how much sugars (melanin) you have in your body, so results vary. Expect 2 shades darker. Olive or darker complected persons will have darker results.* Prices are subject to change

Tips For Tanners

•Nylon fabric stains.
•Shave at least 8 hours before.
•Wear dark underwear or swimsuits.
•Wait at least 8 hours to shower.
•Exfoliate lightly if you feel you have dry skin.
•No lotions/make-up (after spray tan only).
•Moisturize morning and evening.